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Zuqi Fu

Museum Space: Evolving Museum Architrecture for a Changing Society When we hear the term, “museum,” we tend to think of the precious objects it contains and our experience visiting one, but intrinsic to the concept is the space and architecture that house and exhibit the objects and host the experience. Like all architectural design, the design of museums are products of their era and reflect socio-cultural characteristics and aesthetic ideas at the time, but like their collections, they live long into the present and the future. Museums—of art, history, science, culture—are centers of human knowledge and social interactions. This thesis looks at how museum architecture contains and reacts to such significance through history and today, how museum architecture adapts to current societal needs, and how museum architecture could use its privileged resources to lead the society into. Sector C/ArchitectureAdvisors: Scott Aker (ARCH)Arthur Cohen (ARTH)