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To graduate with "Honors in Visual Studies," a student must acheive a GPA of 3.70 in all courses counted toward the Visual Studies major and receive an A or A- on the Senior Thesis Project. 



The Visual Studies Program awards the Charles Willson Peale Prize each year to a graduating Visual Studies Major (or Majors) who completes an outstanding senior thesis project. Students must also earn major honors to be eligible for the prize. The prize is given in memory of Charles Willson Peale, painter, naturalist, museologist, and one of the leading citizens of Philadelphia during the period of the early Republic. The prize comes with a $500 award. 


Past Charles Willson Peale Prize recipients:


Veronica Fenton

Un-“real” Background

Zovinar Khrimian

A Visual Interface for Collective Ritual Experience | The Perceptual Mediation of Self-Transcendence and Social Interconnectedness in Contemporary Ritual Spaces

Paolo Nasr

Multiple Masculinities | Investigating the Impact of AIDS on Representations of Masculinity in Fashion Photography



Kabele Cook

Shades of Grey: Color Vision and the Smartphone

Amy Juang

Fishing in the Anthropocene: Visual Culture Originating from a 1966 Experiment



Caroline Miller

Rodin: A Fascination with the Fragmentary 

Sarah Thomas

I'm Not that Type of Girl: The Potential for Liberation from Objectification via the Artistic Engagement of the Female-Gendered Body with the Abject



Briana Haggerty

The Translation of Physical and Social Environments through Images

Alexa Ignaczak

Using Visual Design to Optimize Desirability Online: An Exploration of Effective Imagery and Visual Design within E-Commerce



Konhee Chang

Composing the Kandinsky Chamber

Lily Kravetz

The Calming Room

Julia Hirschberg

The Historical Development of the Artist-Curator 



Natalia Revelo La Rotta

Architecture and Power: A Relationship that Shapes the Public

Vincent Snagg

Indexical Design: Abstraction and Representation in Sensory Applications



Shakeil Greeley 
Hyperreality: New Paradigm of Visual Culture

Daniella Sakhai 
Isis, Inc.: A Roadmap Investigating Propaganda and Brand Strategy



Sasha Igdalova, 
Neural Mandalas: Bridging the Gap between the Cosmos and the Geometric Brain

Gary Kafer, 
'Becoming the Morning:' Cinematic Illusionism and Stan Brakhage's Plastic Montage

Lauren Robie, 
Mind the Motion: Drawing in Transit to Combat Rider Mindlessness



Inna Kofman, 
Conceptions of Perceptions: vision and olfaction through the ages

Kirby Dixon, 
Camouflage: a form of contemporary African American identity



Megan Lewis Velong,
Embodied Perception/Embodied Allegiance: Emotion, Embodiment, and Participatory Art 

Amy Tarangelo, 
Wonder and Curiosity: from Kunstkammer to Contemporary Art and Science

Levi Thornton,
ArtWeb:A Collaborative Creation



Dorothy Meleander Dayton, 
Freak Shows: Blurring the Lines Between Reality, Fantasy, and the Assumed Persona 

Margaret Kross, 
Place-Hole-ding: Destabilizations of Dwelling and Becoming Fluid

Annie Stancliffe, 
Convergent Parallels: Intersections of Live Action Film and Animation



Sara Mead, 
Generation Green: Exposing Nature’s Benefits and Improving Access in Urban Areas

Alexandra Berger, 
Universalism: Modern Thought and Contemporary Research

Lauren Every-Wortman, 
CELEBRITY MARTYRDOM: Representations of Celebrities as Religious Icons in Contemporary Art

Danielle Daitch,
The Effects of Language on Color Processing



Rebecca Starr,
A Need to Write: The Evolution of Personal Narrative From Books to the Blogosphere

Elizabeth Frasco, 
The Contingency of Conservation: Changing Methodology and Theoretical Issues in Conserving Ephemeral Contemporary Artworks with Special Reference to Installation Art