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Marcella Anwandter


Marcella Anwandter


I have always been fascinated by photographs' ability to translate the raw materials of our fleeting experience--light and time--into tangible objects. These physical remnants function as artifacts of where we have been, providing material proof that we were there. The pictorial record we leave serves a paradoxical function: a unifying thread to connect our ever-changing present experiences to the ongoing history of our lives and to fragment our continuous flow of experience, disrupting it by highlighting the fractured moments we deem worthy of capturing. Thus, photographs speak to the interrelationship of objective and subjective forces at work in the construction of reality, memory, and identity. Through my sculptural installation, "Frames of Mind," I have sought to explore the themes concering the dynamic construction of memory. What do we choose to remember and how do we reinforce it? Who are we in relationship to who we were? Working with a collection of over 500 images accumulated throughout my life, I have reinvestigated the images and their interrelationship with one another. The piece seeks to encourage active engagement of the viewer, as he or she is constantly shifting his or her perspective in relationship to the images, selecting which images to attend to, and how to instill these fragmented instances with the meaning a unified experience.

SECTOR C: Art Practice & Technology

ADVISERS: Colette Copeland (Professional) | Amishi Jha (PSYC)