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Lucy Nebeker

Doubling and the Self: The Significance of Twin Representation to the Western Individual


Twins have long occupied an important role within the collective consciousness of the West, both as a visual and a narrative object. Through their presentation as a community of two, twin relationships have served as a vehicle that challenges traditional notions of individuality. The interwoven expression of doubling within the sibling relationship ultimately raises questions regarding the container and the thing contained: to what extent is one identity contained within a discrete corporeal body and to what extent is it contingent upon another? Archetypes of twin singlemindedness, conjoinment and duality present in the times of Roman Antiquity and extending through our contemporary era has allowed society to explore various alternate identity propositions. Through an examination of Roman Greco twin iconography and twin imagery present in contemporary Western cinema, we can come to a greater understanding of our relationships with ourselves and to our larger communities. 




Ann Kuttner (ARTH)

Emory Van Cleve (CIMS)