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Keri Zhang

“How to have a comfortable relationship with beauty: A tutorial”

Everything you know about beauty is wrong. This news might be alarming, but worry not — I have created a tutorial to teach you the right way to have a comfortable and healthy relationship with beauty. Naturally, this may involve destroying the concept of beauty entirely. Please ready yourself.

The visual component of my senior project is a full-length avant garde multichannel video installation, of which I have made a shorter “Gallery Edit” for group exhibition purposes. I call the full length edit the “Artist’s Cut.” The tutorial’s written transcript is viewable here. The other part of my senior project — the written component — is viewable here.

Advisors: Orkan Telhan (DSGN) and Gregory Vershbow (VLST)

Artist’s Cut (Unabridged)

My piece presented as a diptych. The highest resolution render out of the three. (6:33 duration)