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Daniel Agee


Daniel Agee


I formally explore the various aspects and practical applications of a technique I call "glazing." "Glazing" is a technique developed from my experiences as a Fine Arts Photographer using analog medium format materials. In this process, used pre-processed negatives are exposed to light found within the environment for an extended period of time without the use of a mechanical apparatus. In order to create imagery where this "glazing" effect is a primary focus, my works play on such devices as mystery and viewer intrigue by abstracting the human form and then adding a "glaze" layer to these well composed abstractions. The finished product is a cross between a photograph and a painting. My goal is to visually engage the viewer and play on their enchantment with the immediate beauty of each image by provoking the viewer to be drawn closer. This will afford the viewer the opportunity to analyze each image intently and attempt to dissect the layers composing each image while also viewing their own reflection. In this way, the viewer becomes a part of the image and abstracts the work further. My ultimate goal is to have the viewer step back from the work and enjoy the final composition of each image as a whole with a more enlightened perspective.

SECTOR C: Art Practice & Technology

ADVISERS: Julie Davis (ARTH) | Karen Rodewald (FNAR)