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Amy Krimm

I kept your memory all the way home

This multimedia quilt employs the photograph as a tool of both memory and obliteration. The ever-blurring boundaries between physical and digital realms call into question how photography, and other forms of image-making, shape how we understand and relate to reality. I kept your memory all the way home uses photographic representations of memories to explore what it means to exist in an increasingly digital age. A polaroid photograph of my grandmother from 1980, scanned and reprinted on a risograph machine, was digitally enlarged and printed onto fabric to comprise the quilt’s unifying image. 

At this scale, the risograph print becomes a blurred amalgamation of dots; an analogue parallel to pixels on a screen. The image, sewn together with patches of cyanotype memories, becomes inseparable from the blank fabric in its midst. The added collection of stories and negative space fragment the grounding photograph, yet the woven threads remain a tactile memory for viewers to hold on to. Ultimately, the fibers of the quilt collapse the dichotomy between digital process and physical presence, scattering memory across our contemporary spheres of being. 


Sector A


Anjan Chatterjee (MED)

Kayla Romberger (FNAR)