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Allison Tatios


Creating a Brand Identity: Boba Bros. explores the relationship between design, psychology, and marketing, through the rebranding of Boba Bros.' bubble tea company. Benjamin Shyong and Arthur Kuan, two University of Pennsylvania students, established Boba Bros. in 2010. The bubble tea product originated in Taiwan and is relatively unfamiliar to the common consumer. Kuan and Shyong strongly believe in presenting a quality product and creating a positive experience for their customers. They are currently distributing their product out of a restaurant called T-Bowl located in University City. Boba Bros. is hoping to expand beyond University City and capitalize on the missing bubble tea market. In order to accomplish this goal various fields of study were researched.

An experiment was conducted to measure subjects' memory and their ability to recall potential label designs for Boba Bros. Current marketing strategies were explored and utilized. The impact of social media on small businesses was also analyzed. After synthesizing the results of the research the visual aspect of the study began. The effort to strengthen the image of Boba Bros. entailed improving many elements of the brand. Important aspects of a strong brand image had never been addressed. Product design, package design, and advertisements did not exist. Design elements are now developing and will be finalized in the near future.

Through the rebranding of Boba Bros. the community of University City will be introduced to two compelling individuals that have an inspiring story about risks, rewards, and following your dreams. 

SECTOR C: Art Practice and Technology

ADVISERS: Orkan Telhan (FNAR) ) | Cassie Mogilner (WHAR)