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Alex Salsman


DIG: The Skeptical Argument is a visual exploration of the ambiguity created between opposing reasonings, methodologies, ideologies, philosophies, visual processes, and points of view. The exhibit reflects these relationships by creating a visually ambiguous whole, while providing viewers with interactive tools to disambiguate the environment through their own curiosity and exploration. The viewers' interactive investigation is central to the piece, which imperatively asks one to "dig" deeper to comprehend the embedded message. In short, The Skeptical Argument calls into question the reliability of the senses to accurately represent the external environment, and it asks for acknowledgement that both sides of any opinion/argument contain rational perspectives. Personal biases are largely what determines which side of the argument one agrees with. 

SECTOR C: Art Practice and Technology

ADVISERS: Gabriel Martinez (FNAR) | John Tresch (STSC)