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Adam Reid


SYNTH is an exploration of the synthesis of visual art and music. I attempt to create psychologically recognizable links between visual artifacts and musical components to create a unified work of art. I study and critique theories
by Alexander Scriabin and Sir Isaac Newton, paintings by Wassily Kandinsky and other musically influenced works, as well as contemporary multimedia artists to find an effective way to create a link between music and visual art. Through out this project I look at the ways artists and musicians have collaborated and create multimedia works. I categorize these methods of collaboration and attempt to break down the ways these collaborators are bridging the gap between the audio and visual worlds. Using all of these influences as case studies I embark on my own attempt to bring both art and music together to create one work of art. 


Sector C: Art Practice and Technology | Advised by: Tom Bendtsen | Eugene Lew (MUSC)