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Visual Studies Senior Project Final Presentations

Thursday, April 28, 2016 - 1:00pm to 7:00pm

Visual Studies seniors present their final projects amidst their exhibition in the Fox Gallery, Cohen Hall. 


1:00Dyana Wing So, Art About Elsewhere: On the Cultural Politics of Representing Israel & Palestine 

Advisors: Tim Corrigan (CINE), Nancy Davenport (FNAR) and Aaron Levy (ENGL)  


1:30Britt Gates-Kayyem, Memory as Personality: A Psychological and Artistic Approach to Understanding the Self

Advisors: Perky Edgerton (FNAR) and Ian Verstegen (VLST) 


2:00Natalia Revelo La Rotta, Architecture and Power: A Relationship that Shapes the Public 

Advisors: Andrew Dahlgren (ARCH) and Matt Neff (FNAR)


2:30Amelia Storck, The Candidate Brand 

Advisors: David Comberg (FNAR) and Marc Meredith (PSCI)

***3:00-3:15 break***


3:15Alyssa Marcus, Branding as Power: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Advisors: Carin Berkowitz (VLST) and Christin Scholz (COMM) 


3:45Camila Zager, Engagint the Liminal Realm: An Investigation of Transformation through Mindfulness and Playfulness at Burning Man

Advisors: Carin Berkowitz (VLST), Jenn Cobuzzi (PSYC), and Jackie Tileston (FNAR)


4:15Taylor Campbell, Lolita: A Cultural Image

Advisors: Lindsay Fiorelli (PHIL) and Sharka Hyland (FNAR) 


4:45Vincent Snagg, Indexical Design: Abstraction and Representation in Sensory Applications

Advisors: Sharka Hyland (FNAR) and Orkan Telhan (FNAR) 


***5:15-5:30 break***


5:30Carolina English, The Qualia of Limitation

Advisors: Lisa Miracchi (PHIL) and Orkan Telhan (FNAR) 


6:00Emily Lipson, Human Connectivity through Performance: A Response to Posthumanism

Advisors: Jamie Diamond (FNAR) and Gabriel Martinez (FNAR) 


6:30Margot Halpern, Power and Visibility in Hip Hop Visuals and Renaissance Portraits

 Advisors: David Young Kim (ARTH) and Ian Verstegen (VLST)