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Visual Studies Mid-Year Senior Project Presentations

Tuesday, December 13, 2022 - 9:00am to 11:30am

Jaffe Building Room 104

The Visual Studies seniors present their senior projects before advisors and fellow students. 


9:00 Amy Krimm (Anjan Chatterjee, Kayla Romberger)

Pixels and Physicality: Art Engagement Across Contexts


9:30 Julia Jones (Gregory Vershbow) 

Fashion Cycles and the Individual


10:00 Elizabeth Stoner (Peter Decherney, Ian Verstegen) 
(Re)Examining Horror: Materialization of Existential Fears


10:30 Allison Tsai (Arthur Cohen, Zab Johnson)

Polarized Reactions to AI-Art: Predictions for Its Reception into the Art Market and Society Using Neuroforecasting & Art History to Examine How Value and Legitimacy are Assigned


11:00 Cloe Cho (Karen Redrobe, Gregory Vershbow)

Globality and Identity Through Nam June Paik's Late Works