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Mid-Year Senior Presentations

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 - 1:00pm to 8:00pm

Fox Gallery, Cohen Hall

Fourteen Visual Studies seniors present the state of their project mid-way through the year with other students, faculty and project advsisors. 

1:00Adrienne Bell-Koch, The Museum as a Place for Emotional Growth

Advisors: Andrea Hornick and Tanya Jung 


1:30Siyona Ravi

Advisors: John Tresch and Ian Verstegen 


2:00Araba Ankuma, Subverting Universal Humanism: A Study in Invisibel Narratives

Advisors: Sharon Hayes and Gwendolyn Shaw 


2:30Joya Mandel-Assael, Giant Puppets: Monuments

Advisors: Michael Leja and Matt Neff 


3:00Yuqi Zhang, Tracing Alternative Visions: An Investigation of Chinese Independent Documentary in Circulation

Advisors: Michael Crane and Si-Yen Fei


3:30Andrew Chen, Western-educated Chinese Architects

Advisors: David Brownlee and Nancy Steinhardt 


4:00Julia Hirschberg, The Hybridization of Artistic and Curatorial Activities 

Advisors: Jamie Diamond and Andre Dombrowski 


4:30Lily Kravetz, Using Environmental Design to Accommodate the Sensory Needs of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Advisors: David Comberg and Margaret Souders


5:00Estee Ellis, Interface as Mediator and Aider: Perception and Production

Advisors: Yasmin Kafai and Jacob Rivkin


5:30Peter Krasznekewicz, Smart Technology and Home

Advisors: Andrew Dahlgren and Tanya Jung


6:00Talia Lieberman, The Value of Craftsmanship and the Contemporary Craftsperson

Advisors: Kayla Rombeger and Carson Young 


6:30Adam Reid, An exploration and synthesis of the conjunction between music and art

Advisors: Tom Bendtsen and Eugene Liu 


7:00Fred LaViolette, From the Salon to the White Cube: Viewing Context’s Correlation with Art Market Economics

Advisors: Sharka Hyland and Ian Verstegen  


7:30Konhee Chang, Compositions of Music and Image


Advisors: David Young Kim and Orkan Telhan