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Final Thesis Presentations

Thursday, April 30, 2015 - 2:00pm to 7:00pm

Fox Gallery, Claudia Cohen Hall

Visual Studies seniors present their final projects with students, advisors and professors. 


2:00Martina Merlo: Movement = Occupation: The Four Dimensions of Architecture as Mediated by (the Four Dimensions of) Human Experience

Advisors: Lothar Hasselberger and Daniel Snelson 


2:30Brendan Bercik: The Body and Big Data

Advisors: David Comberg and Kenneth Goldsmith


3:00Shruti Agrawal:Memory Play: Creativity Understood through Embodied Skill Memory 

Advisors: Carin Berkowitz, Sharka Hyland and Christine Poggi


***3:30-3:45 break***


3:45Kaitlyn Moore: Searching for Color: Skin Tone Bias in Photography

Advisors: Gabriel Martinez and Chi-Ming Yang


4:15Anthony Dilonardo: The Visual Language of Comics

Advisors: Deirdre Murphy and Jean-Christophe Cloutier


4:45Alexandra Moritz: Social Retailing and the Image: The Institutional and Rhetorical Aspects of Social Media in the Retail World

Advisors: Joseph Turow and Ian Verstegen


***5:15-5:30 break***


5:30Shakeil Greeley: Hyperreality: New Paradigm of Visual Culture

Advisors: David Comberg and Ian Verstegen


6:00Daniella Sakhai: ISIS, Inc.: Investigating Propaganda and Brand Strategy

Advisors: Renata Holod, Emad Khazraee, and Rahul Mukherjee


6:30Debbie Moon: Creating a Conscious Culture: Race in Children’s Picture Books


Advisors: Kelsey Jones and Ian Verstegen